Personal Case Study: Upgrading to a better device Part ‏2

Continued from Personal Case Study: Upgrading to a better device Part 1

Case #2 Creative Zen 2GB with SD card to an Apple iPod Touch 32GB

Category: MP3 Player

Predecessor: Do I hear a groan? Although I'm aware that many consider a dedicated MP3 player obsolete, the iPod Touch is indispensable if you don't own a smartphone and my Creative Zen, which I purchased in 2009, hasn't aged a bit - battery and all. The first MP3 player I ever bought was a Samsung Yepp with 512MB of storage and a Line Out connector that can be used for storage. The Yepp eventually devolved to just a USB flash device so after a brief time using a Sony Ericsson phone as an MP3 player, I purchased a 2GB Creative Zen for studying Chinese, Japanese and French.

Performance Difference: I don't need a smartphone just yet and don't own one but I do need my iPod Touch. In short, I don't have enough superlatives to describe my iPod Touch and its uses even though the Gen 4 iPod Touch is significantly slower than most devices today and comes with all the problems associated with iOS.  However, there's something to be said about a dedicated, indestructible MP3 player which doesn't have the distractions of apps - that's why I still have the Creative Zen around.

Current Usage: Creative has discontinued the version of Zen I own, but I'd gladly buy another one this minute just for its mechanical button and impervious plastic build. The darn thing is tougher than Iron Man's armor. Even after more than four years of intensive use, the battery is still exceptional. It's still in use every night - and still plays Chinese, Japanese, and French audio lessons like a champ. Touch screens may be standard today but for audiolingual studies, nothing beats a physical button.

Future Upgrade: Considering how resilient both the iPod Touch and Creative Zen are despite the amount of abuse it receives from its owner, I doubt if I'll upgrade to a dedicated new MP3 player soon. However, if either of the devices finally fail, I'll just get the same product and the same brand.

Continued in Personal Case Study: Upgrading to a better device Part 3


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