Quickfix: Cannot open InDesign file on a Mac or Error code 1 (MacOSX)

Category: Techwriter

It can happen that you are provided a packaged set of InDesign files or an InDesign book on a burned DVD or even a USB external drive. On opening it on your Mac, you find that the .indd file or the book file is tagged as 'Read-only' or you get an Error code 1 indicating a corrupted/damaged file when attempting to save the InDesign project.

In most cases, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the InDesign files. It's more likely a Unix issue with permissions. You can fix this using the Terminal or if you have a Windows version of InDesign, open the InDesign file or book there and click File then Save As. Save the file using a different name. Once the Windows version of InDesign has stripped the permissions from the InDesign file or .indb you should be good to go. For InDesign books, you don't need to re-save the collection of .indd files separately. The .indb file should be enough.


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