InDesign basics: Adding XML tags using Find/Change

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Adobe InDesign is not the best application for working with XML. It's an exceptional page layout program but most XML users would prefer either FrameMaker or open source tools when structuring long text. That said, if you ever need to add tags to an unstructured document, InDesign's Find/Change option can accomplish the task just like most XML editors.

Take note that the instructions below assume you've either loaded an XML file for a list of tags, created your own set of XML tags, or imported a DTD.

To add XML tags using Find/Change:

1. Click View then Structure. Click Show Tag Markers.

2. Click Edit then Find/Change.

3. In the Find/Change window, specify the text you want to tag in the Find What: box.

4. Click the icon in the Change Format: area for formatting options.

5. Select XML in the left panel. Select the tag in the list you want to assign. Click OK.

6. The format request will be added to the Change Format: list. Click Change All.

The specified text instances should now be marked with the XML tag. You can also view applied XML tags using Structure View or even using Story Editor by clicking inside a text frame and pressing CTRL+Y.


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