The Best Smart Watch Ever - and it's not made by Samsung or Apple

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This smart watch is designed by a guy named Bruce Wayne and used by a boy named Robin from a team called Young Justice. This smart watch has the following features:

1. Connects remotely to one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world (and it's not Blue - more like Bat)
2. Includes a full set of customized hacking software
3. Connects remotely to a satellite for GPS and communications (some people have named this satellite the "Watchtower")
4. Extremely durable and waterproof - you can engage in hand-to-hand combat and it would still come out fully functional
5. Has more computing power than a quad core processor and access to additional processing power from server farms
6. Full 3-D image projection for display and a powerful graphics processor
7. Superior high-resolution 3-D display - brighter and more colors than a Retina display
8. Virtual touchscreen input
9. Nano-circuitry ensures minimal power consumption and incredible battery life
10. Tracking beacon, integrated communication system, and voice control
12. Extensible and flexible output/input terminal connectors (Ethernet, power, micro-USB, etc.)
12. Built-in sensors for temperature, speed, motion, topography, etc.
13. Portable, streamlined, and thin enough to be woven into fabric or skintight gloves.

Robin tracks a homing signal in Young Justice season 1 episode 5 "Schooled"

How do you get this smart watch? Survive Bruce Wayne's training first.


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