Linux on Film: Criminal Minds - Season 8

Category: Linux

From the onset, Criminal Minds often displayed brief views of non-Windows operating systems. Thankfully, their resident "computer analyst" Penelope (played by pseudo-geek Kirsten Vangsness) makes use of a fairly interesting desktop. For Season 8, viewers get to watch a skinned Linux/FreeBSD desktop access a remote desktop running Windows XP (recognizable by its default blue Luna theme).

The desktop used by Penelope is a toss up between an Xfce 3.x environment release or a uniquely skinned LXDE using an Openbox Window Manager. Modifying Xfce and customizing Openbox is so easy, the production team regularly switches the colors or maintains a plain black background. Surprisingly, there's even a possibility it's a KDE desktop with a "cashew" on the upper-right hand corner for adding KDE widgets.


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