6 Reasons why Linux is Comic Book Friendly

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1. Read and view comic books with Okular and Evince

Linux distributions don't require a separate comic book viewer to open .cbr and .cbz files. Okular and Evince both provide page thumbnails, multiple views, page zoom, and allow users to open and read comic book files. Moreover, Okular and Evince are both standard document viewers and are preinstalled in the majority of Linux distributions regardless if you're running an Xfce, Gnome 2, Gnome 3, LXDE, or KDE desktop environment.

2. You don't need a separate program to organize your digital comic books

You don't need a comic book organizer such as Comic Rack in Linux. Once you organize your comic books into folders, you're good to go since two of Linux's most popular file managers can display thumbnails and metadata out of the box. Nautilus (and Nemo) as well as Dolphin support resizeable cover thumbnail previews.  Nautilus is used in most Ubuntu-based/Gnome desktop Linux distributions while Dolphin is found in KDE distros.

3. Plenty of comic book applications are available in your repository

If you don't like how Okular or Evince displays your digital comic books, you can always install applications like qcomicbookviewer or the popular cross-platform Comix utility. If you want to organize your physical comic books as well as your digital collection, there's the friendly database Gnome Comics Organizer or the multipurpose GCStar for tracking your superhero or hentai library.

4. Uploading comic books to your smartphone, ereader, tablet, iPhone, or iPad

Linux supports various file systems and can easily access the storage of Android and Windows devices. Moreover, Linux distributions like Lubuntu and Linux Mint can even copy files to iOS devices directly from the file manager. Are you a manga fan and prefer reading Rurouni Kenshin on your ereader? Install the powerful Calibre ebook manager and convert your .cbr or .cbz files to EPUB for a quick and easy upload to yourSony PRS or Kindle.

5. Creating .cbr and .cbz files

Linux distributions can open and extract Zip files and allow you to create .cbz on the fly. Ubuntu even offers the option to compress to .cbz once you select a range of .JPEGs and .PNGs and select compress from the context menu. Renaming the zip extension to .cbz is also a cinch using standard file managers such as Dolphin (KDE), Thunar (Xfce), PCMANFM (LXDE), Nautilus (Unity/Gnome), and Nemo (Cinnamon). If you prefer to create .rar-based .cbr files, all you need to do is install the rar package using your software manager. Preinstalled archive managers such as Ark and File Roller will do the rest. For users accustomed to 7Zip, the popular utility is also available for Linux.

6. Extract pages, edit panels, and create a Spider-Man meme

The aforementioned archive managers can easily extract pages from digital comic books. You can then open the page in Gimp, LibreOffice Draw or Inkscape for some quick cropping and sharpening. After adjusting Levels or Color saturation, add your own text and upload to Tumblr to gain comic book notoriety. Too lazy to use an archive manager or even crop a comic book page? Zoom into your comic book panel and take a screenshot using Ksnapshot or Shutter for an instant image of Spidey thrashing idiotic morons like the Punisher. With the right tool, you can easily create a high-resolution screen capture of Neon Genesis Evangelion's Rei or Slam Dunk's Sakuragi Hanamichi for use as your desktop, iPod, or Android tablet wallpaper.


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