10 Truths about Watching Downloaded or Streaming Videos Part 2

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6. Movies and TV shows available through legal video sites and questionable methods (such as torrents and usenet) provide freedom of distribution. Excellent shows such as British TV series The IT Crowd, Mumbai Calling, and Coupling can now be viewed by audiences numbed by terrible daytime and reality TV programming. Even racial prejudices, such as those aimed at Asian women and South Korea are corrected through highly entertaining Korean cinema, the titillating power of K-Pop music videos, the hallyu phenomenon, and leggy SNSD members.

Screenshot from Shyboy - Secret music video.

7. No one really complains about video players, codecs, operating systems, devices and Adobe Flash anymore. Videos are now about speed, file size, cost, audio quality, resolution, and availability.

Even Windows Media Player is a competent video player.
Screenshot from The Real Ghostbusters (1986) episode "Ragnarok and Roll"

8. Buying video? After the global recession is over please.

9. Unlimited repeat viewings. In the great days of Betamax and VHS, repeatedly watching Ghostbusters (1984)  could wear down a cassette tape. Today? I could watch Sean Connery scowl at Daniela Bianchi (From Russia with Love - 1963) or MacGyver (1985 TV series) grimace at every pistol aimed at him all day and the video file would still work 10 years from now. Plus, people will finally realize just how awesome Bruce Lee was through repeated viewings of Way of the Dragon (1972).

"This Blu-ray stuff is a jolly good invention!"
Screenshot from Goldfinger (1964)

10. The Internet is our personal time-traveling video machine. The Maltese Falcon (1941). Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955). Iron Man (1966) animation. Wheels on Meals with Jackie Chan (1984). Rowing with the Wind (1988) with Hugh GrantTop Gun (1986) with Tom CruiseGhost Sweeper Mikami anime series (1993). Chungking Express (1994) with Takeshi Kaneshiro. God of Cookery with Stephen Chow (1996). Old favorites can never get away from us as long as videos are available on the Interet. And need I mention? Spider-Man (1967). 

"My hemorrhoids!"
Screenshot from "Horn of the Rhino" episode - Spider-Man (1967)


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