Why is installing openSUSE software using Yast slow?

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When using openSUSE's exceptional Yast to install software, users may feel like the software package manager takes too long to load. Moreover, clicking on Abort or Cancel really doesn't work as Yast will still attempt to connect to the software repositories (and can be very stubborn about it). Once a user runs the software manager, it can be pretty difficult to disconnect from the process even if you click the Skip Autorefresh button. Slow or a blocked Internet connection often result in annoying messages regarding your network connection.

As bad as it sounds, the Yast software manager is still much better than Apper, which is much slower and can cause havok on the KDE desktop.

One workaround is to disable the autorefresh settings of all or specific repositories. Better yet, remove repositories you don't need any longer (like that one time install of a game or utility you eventually uninstalled). When you disable automatic refresh of a repository, Yast won't refresh the repositories when you run Yast's software manager. If you're planning to install a new or updated software package (such as a new release of Chromium), then you either won't be able to search for it in the repository or you'll come across an older version. If you're planning to install a fairly pedestrian piece of software which hasn't seen much updates (say, an old text editor), it's fine to install the software without refreshing the repositories.

A better option for an improved experience when installing applications is to use Konsole, KDE's default terminal. Using the zypper command, you can have precise control over how openSUSE installs applications and which repositories to access. Admittedly, zypper doesn't necessarily make installation any faster especially if your Internet connection is really bad. However, you do have more options when it comes to specifying packages and accessing specific repositories.

For a quick tutorial on the zypper command visit the openSUSE Zypper Cheat sheet


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