Top 10 Simple Reasons you're in the Wrong IT Department/Company

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1. Your workstation is running on Pentium 4 and the iMac is running a PowerPC with 512MB of RAM.

2. Some of the staff think they're technical because they can Google technical terms and think they understand them by reading They also think subnet mask is something Spider-Man wears to hide his identity. Plus, their primary reference for specifications is via the marketing descriptions on and

"Uhm. . . MJ, where's my subnet mask?"

3. The technical editor doesn't know what a pilcrow is and uses Shift+Enter and Return rather than the Paragraph tools in Adobe InDesign. Oh, that's right, you didn't pay for your copy so you don't need to learn how to use Adobe InDesign properly.

4. 90% of the staff think Linux is something you eat.

"Excuse me? I am not edible, good sir!"

5. They have genuine Microsoft Windows and Apple software, but they give you a workstation that is installed with pirated software. Including the Mac.

6. The staff is more interested in their deadline than in the software/hardware/device they produce.

7. You have to borrow parts, cables, and equipment from the technical support team. Wait, aren't you part of the IT department?

8. If you ask the staff which chipset or processor they prefer, they say, "A Mac."

9. One time, your boss thought your monitor was an All-in-One PC and kept swiping on the screen.

10. When selecting which software to use for a project, everyone agrees on a WYSIWYG application.


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