Checking your EPUB with ePubChecker

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So you've finished your EPUB and you want to test it. However, you're not comfortable with working on the command line or using text editors and XML validators. Although it's often much more effective to test an EPUB using the hardware and software of the target end-user, validating an EPUB just like any XML or web document ensures a wider compatibility across devices and platforms.

A failed validation process doesn't necessarily mean the EPUB won't display on a device, app, or software - it just means certain basic tenets or rules of XML, XHTML, and EPUB weren't followed. At the minimum, errors may probably trigger layout issues when the EPUB is viewed on a device such as an iPod or Galaxy Tab.

The ePubChecker App is a free standalone EPUB utility designed to check your EPUB for errors. It's fast and easy to set up and can be downloaded from Rainwater-soft. Although the epubcheck tool from the Google Code web site is more updated in terms of EPUB standards, it's somewhat less friendly to users unaccustomed to the command line. The ePubChecker App, however, is sufficient for most writers intending to publish their EPUB file.

To install ePubChecker, visit to install Java first as the tool requires Java to function properly. Although the Java download can be somewhat slow on regular broadband, it's well worth the time to get ePubChecker up and running.

As an example, the following screenshots displays an EPUB created and validated in Sigil and was checked a second time successfully in ePubChecker.

The EPUB was created in Sigil and checked for problems.

The EPUB was cleared a second time in EpubChecker.


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