Install Canon Pixma iP2770/iP2700 on Ubuntu using Canon drivers Part 2

After downloading and installing the Canon-provided drivers for the Pixma IP2770/IP2700 series, two Pixma printers will actually be displayed.  One would have the printer name designated during the driver-installation process while the other would have the label iP2700-series

This is due to Ubuntu detecting and installing Ubuntu printer drivers for the Pixma.  After installing the Canon drivers, removing the printer labelled iP2700-series is a safe and recommended step to take.  For one thing, the Ubuntu installation may no longer work after the Canon drivers are installed.  To remove the redundant printer, right-click on the iP2700-series printer and click Delete.

Remove the iP2700 to prevent any confusion.
An extra step users may want to take is to set the default paper size and media type in the Printer Options.

One of the advantages of installing Canon-provided drivers is having access to settings such as Scale to fit, Orientation, Mirror, Scaling and Text options which can all be found under Job Options.

Like all printers installed in a Linux environment, the Canon Pixma can also be handled via CUPS by visiting http://localhost:631/printers/.  The Pixma IP 2770 can be found listed under the Administration tab and clicking Manage Printers.


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