Installing the Brother HL-2140 on openSUSE 11.x

I've previously discussed the excellent Brother HL-2140 Personal Laser Printer on these very pages via a hardware review and a tutorial on how to install the Brother-provided drivers on Mandriva 2010.

This time around, we'll install the Brother HL-2140 on an openSUSE 11.3 machine. 

Step 1: Download the drivers from the Brother website.  There should be 2 files:  One is an RPM file and the other is a cupswrapper file.  For instructions, click on the Linux - Mandriva article for the Brother HL-2140

Step 2: Launch Yast > Printers.  Yast will check and update the repository for required packages.  Click over the last item on the left box (autoconfig settings).  This will download udev-configure-printer package from the openSUSE repositories.  Close out Yast.

Step 3: Go to the Terminal (or an emulater like awesome drop-down Yakuake) and type su - and your Root Password to gain Root privileges
Step 4: Navigate to the directory where you saved your drivers.  Type the following commands:

rpm -ihv --nodeps brhl2140lpr-2.0.2-1.i386.rpm

rpm -ihv --nodeps cupswrapperHL2140-2.0.2-1.i386.rpm

CUPS (the printer system of Unix systems) will shut down and restart.

Step 5:  Verify that the printer is installed by opening a browser and typing this on the URL bar: http://localhost:631/
This will take you to the CUPS page.  Head over to the Printer tab and check if the Brother HL-2140 is listed properly. 

Step 6:  To print a test page, head over to Yast>Printer Configuration>Print Test Page.

Step 7: If no test page is printed, click on the Edit button on the bottom of the Print Configuration window.  The Modify HL-2140 window will appear.  openSUSE will actually have the usb/dev active by default.  Highlight the Brother HL-2140 and click ok. There won't be any more problems printing a test page (or anything else for that matter) from here on.

For users of the Brother HL-2140 who are encountering the notorious blinking "Toner" problem.  Clever techs over at have great advice about covering up the sensors on the cartridge to prevent early toner replacements.  One gentleman also made an excellent Youtube video here:



  1. Thanks for your article. I was trying to connect my Brother HL-2140 printer to my laptop running openSUSE. I followed your instructions to a tee but forgot to plug in the USB connector. After plugging it in, it just couldn't print, even after a reboot (I could see the printer on the CUPS page). I took out the USB connector and reinserted it, and there was a system message asking if I would like to autoconfigure the printer. I went ahead and tried this, and chose 'Brother' -> 'HL-2140 for CUPS' , etc. And bingo, it worked! I've tested the printer on openSUSE a few times without any problems. Thanks again.

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